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ACS Trauma Quality Programs Transition

Announcing the TQP Data Center!


*Note: This email was only sent to active TQIP and NTDB participants. If you are an NTDB only participant but did not participate in the annual Call for Data this year, you did not receive this email.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Data Center!

You will receive two emails from with the user-specific username and password that you will use to access the Data Center. If you do not receive your login credentials after 24 hours, we suggest checking your spam filters. If you remain unable to locate these emails, please contact

Accessible from the TQP Participant Hub, you will use the Data Center to submit data and view validation reports. While you will not be able to view benchmark reports or access interactive reporting at launch, those features will also be implemented through the Data Center starting with the release of the Fall 2017 TQIP Benchmark Report for TQIP participants and the release of the NTDB Benchmark Report for NTDB participants.

With this launch, the next TQIP Call for Data is now open. In this call, we request that you submit your 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2017 data as well as updates to previous submissions dating back to the 1st quarter of 2016. You will not be required to resubmit any data that was successfully submitted on the old NTDB Data Center. The deadline for submitting your data is December 8. For NTDB participants, you will not be using this platform to submit data until 2018.

Tutorials for navigating the new Data Center and submitting data are available at the TQP Participant Hub. Although the data submission process will remain essentially the same, we will make additional TQP staff support available during the course of the submission window.

Lastly, please note that while you will still use the Account Center to review the contacts and facility information we have for your trauma center and make updates as needed, that site will be offline until 10:00 am (CDT) Wednesday, October 18, to ensure all current contacts have been sent their credentials to access the Data Center. The Account Center, and associated tutorials, can also be accessed from the TQP Participant Hub.

Please be sure to contact us with any questions at

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