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Past NTDB Data Points

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The following articles are reprints from the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons.

Recent National Trauma Data Bank® (NTDB®) Data Points articles can be found on the Bulletin website.


November: Trauma at Thanksgiving

October: Bloodshot: Ocular lacerations from gunshot wounds

September: Tawny trauma: Cirrhosis affects patient response to trauma

August: Under the influence: Alcohol-related trauma

July: Fall from grace: Balcony-related trauma

June: Bullet to the bean: Renal gunshot wounds

May: Back stabbers and the renal wounds they inflict

April: Old, irregular, thin, and falling

March: Traumatic injuries below the belt


December: Penile injuries: Rare but potentially hazardous

November: Fixing the cage: Rib fixation of flail chest

October: Medicating the cage: Pain management of rib fractures

September: Breaking the cage: Rib fractures

August: Up in arms: Upper extremity compartment syndrome

July: Psyched out: Trauma patients with major psychiatric comorbidities

June: Through the barricade: Blunt diaphragm injuries

May: A slice in time: Lower extremity compartment syndrome

April: The big bad wolf: COPD and trauma

March: Baby on board: Trauma in pregnancy

February: Pediatric Report 2017: ICD-10

January: Annual Report 2017: ICD-10


December: You’re in trouble: Urethral injuries

November: Distraction: Driving and cell phone use

October: Irregular trauma: Trauma and atrial fibrillation

September: Gone retroviral: Trauma and HIV

August: “Gone viral”: Trauma and hepatitis C

July: Amusement park injuries are not amusing

June: Asleep at the wheel: Obstructive sleep apnea

May: I broke my neck: Femur fractures

April: Make no bones about it

March: What you don’t see can kill you

February: 2016 Pediatric Annual Report: Almost a 10

January: Annual Report 2016: Almost a 10


December: Don't sugarcoat it

November: Guns and the golden years

October: Stairway to heaven

September: Deadly rush hour

August: The rise of the smombies and fall of the pedestrians

July: The walking dead

June: Biting the hand that feeds you

May: Cold-blooded killer

April: Look up and die

March: Keep an eye out

February: 2015 Pediatric Report: Pediatric regional trauma

January: Annual Report 2015: Regional trauma


December: "Holiday Road"

November: Black Wednesday

October: Fireworks

September: Kickback

August: A hot mess: Clothing-related burn injuries

July: All smoke, no fire

June: Hit the road, jacked—road rash injuries

May: What’s cookin’? Who’s lookin’?

April: Where’s the fire?

March: Affordable trauma care?

February: 2014 Pediatric Report: How severe is it?

January: Annual Report 2014: How severe is it?


December: Go before you go: Bladder injuries

November: The DTs: Delirium tremens

October: Unanticipated withdrawal

September: Don’t chance it: Use your seatbelt

August: BYOB helmet

July: To protect your children, keep your pool safe

June: Flotation devices—Mae West style

May: Residential institutions

April: Top 10 list

March: Zero tolerance

February: 2013 Pediatric Report: Pediatric consumers

January: Annual Report 2013: Where did they go?


December: Sleeper hold

November: What’s on TV

October: London Bridge is falling down

September: Derailed

August: Geronimo

July: As the crow flies

June: Workers’ compensation

May: Hang ’em high

April: Keep your hands and fingers off the table

March: The “fiscal cliff”

February: 2012 Pediatric Report: Devastating at any age

January: Annual Report 2012: More than 70 percent


December: No humour

November: Gunned down

October: Assaulted

September: Wipeout

August: Surf's up

July: Use your head

June: Twister

May: Call a cab

April: Smarter than the average bear

March: Seventy-five years of banking

February: Annual Pediatric Report 2011: Fatal at any age

January: Annual Report 2011: Eightfold over eight years


December: You'll shoot your eye out!

November: Oh, deer

October: Crossing Over

September: Precious Cargo

August: One hundred more or less

July: One hundred

June: The working wounded

May: Face the facts

April: The road to the Super Bowl

March: Tighten your belt

February: Annual Report 2010: The rurality of pediatric trauma

January: Annual Report 2010: Seeing red


December: Drive-through

November: "Eye see"

October: The fall of mankind

September: Older and thinner

August: Thumbs up

July: Going downhill

June: Double McTwist 1260

May: Another national chapter

April: Children are our future

March: IPV

February: The 2009 Annual Pediatric Report: How old is old enough?

January: Annual Report 2009: A hip report


December: Incoming

November: Indirect route

October: Planes, trains, and automobiles

September: Trespassers beware

August: Older but wiser vs. helmetless and lifeless

July: Falling down

June: The University of Alcohol

May: Underage and under the influence

April: How complicated is it?

March: Annual report 2008: Don't overlook the appendix

February: V8 for kids

January: Annual Report 2008: V8 for 2008


December: Watch your head

November: ATVs: “All-terrain victims”

October: Dark side of the moon

September Hasta la vista, bad data

August: Uncovered and underpaid

July: School's out

June: Repeal Prohibition

May: Pedal to the metal

April: How rural is it?

March: 60-something

February: Pediatric Report 2007: Too many kids

January: Annual Report 2007: More than 2.7 in 2007


December: Ringing in the new year

November: Walk the line

October: The wheel of misfortune

September: The "University of Injury"

August: The house of pain

July: The rockets' red glare

June: What a disaster

May: Time's up

April: May Day

March: My girdle is killing me

February: The river runs through it

January: Annual Report 2006: New cover, new report


December: Zeus on the 18th hole

November: Horse sense

October: Peds 2: Twice as large

September: Trauma season

August: Who let the dogs out?

July: The red, white, and blue

June: Deposit the bull’s-eye

May: What I learned in school

April: Come fly with me

March: For whom the bell tolls?

February: The National Sample Project: A new application of the NTDB

January: Annual Report 2005, dataset version 5.0


December: Who needs rehab?

November: A-hunting we will go

October: Alcohol is no industrial accident

September: Down on the farm

August: I've fallen and I can't get up

July: It's in the bag

June: One on every corner

May: Click click—you're dead?

April: The bank's window

March: Winter wonderland

February: Can we insure the future of trauma?

January: NTDB breaks the 1 million record mark


December: Head over wheels

November: Study this

October: A is for airway

September: Trauma data to the third power

August: Water and alcohol don't mix

July: Small package, big problem

June: I'll drink to that

May: Easy rider

April: The lethality of intent

March: I didn't mean to

February: The graying of America

January: Same cover, but new version 3.0


December: To ride or not to ride

November: To drive or not to drive?

October: The driving force behind injury

September: The critical aspect of blunt trauma

August: The blunt majority?

July: How do trauma centers compare?

June: Who pays for trauma care?

May: How national is the trauma data bank?

April: ACS Releases 2002 NTDB Annual Report