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Annual Call for Data Instructions

The ACS Committee on Trauma Call for Admission Year 2018 Data will begin April 1, 2019 and end June 3, 2019.

We are excited to continue providing our Call for Data participants with access to our enhanced data validation tools available on the Trauma Quality Programs (TQP) Data Center after your data is submitted. The Validation Summary and Submission Frequency Reports are tools available to participants that will ensure the data submitted from your facility is an accurate representation of your registry.

Again this year, we will follow a process in which facilities will apply online and must pay the invoice for the Annual Call for Data participation fee before they can submit data. Facilities can still pay with a credit card by following the instructions on the invoice. The fee schedule is as follows:

  • $500 for state designated Level III, IV, V, or unverified centers
  • $1,100 for state designated Level I or Level II centers

To participate in the Call for Admission Year 2018 Data:

  1. Log on to the Trauma Quality Programs (TQP) Account Center, scroll to the “Join Another Trauma Quality Program” section, and select “NTDB CFD 2019”
    • If you participated in the Call for Data in 2018, you already have access to the TQP Account Center. You can retrieve your username and password on the ACS website.
    • If you have not previously participated in one of the ACS Trauma Quality Programs, you may submit an online application to join the Call for Data.
  2. Once your request to join the Call for Data has been approved by ACS staff, log on to the TQP Account Center and complete your facility profile.
  3. Sign the HIPAA BAA/DUA, if not previously completed. To request a copy of the new College-wide HIPAA Business Associate Agreement-Data Use Agreement (BAA/DUA), please email You can sign the agreement online.
  4. Pay the Call for Data invoice if you are required to do so. You are exempt from payment if you are:
    • An ACS Verified Trauma Center (or had an ACS Consultation in January 2018 or later)
    • An ACS Level I & II TQIP participant
    • An ACS Level III TQIP participant
    • An ACS Pediatric TQIP participant
  5. After all of the steps listed above are complete, you will be granted access to the TQP Data Center and will be able to submit 2018 data beginning April 1, 2019. For information on how to submit data or navigate the Data Center, please review the Training Resources section of the TQP Participant Hub.

The Benchmark Tool for the 2018 Admission Year Data will be made available on the Data Center to participating facilities in early 2020.