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Getting Started

  1. Make sure your trauma center participates in National Trauma Data Bank® (NTDB®) and plans to contribute data in every American College of Surgeons Trauma Quality Improvement Program (ACS TQIP®) quarterly call for data.
  2. Check with your trauma registry vendor to confirm that you are fully compliant with the National Trauma Data Standard (NTDS), and that all relevant fields have been appropriately mapped.
  3. Check with your trauma registry vendor to confirm that you have fully implemented the NTDS data dictionary.
  4. Discuss TQIP participation with your registry vendor to be sure your registry is ready for TQIP.
  5. Officially indicate your interest in TQIP by completing and returning the ACS TQIP Information Form to
  6. Have an updated Business Associate Agreement/Data Use Agreement (BAA/DUA) with the American College of Surgeons.
  7. Execute a Hospital Participation Agreement.
  8. Pay the annual adult TQIP fee of $9,000.
  9. Obtain commitment from the trauma medical director (TMD) or his or her designee to oversee ACS TQIP implementation and administration at your hospital. The TMD or designee must agree to participate in semiannual conference calls, Web conferences, and attend the ACS TQIP Annual Meeting and Training.
  10. Agree to employ a qualified, dedicated registrar or abstractor to collect and submit data to the NTDB (in most cases, this is your current registrar).
    • The registrar must regularly participate in ACS TQIP training activities, including monthly educational experiences and the TQIP online course.
    • Participate in monthly open forum calls for registry staff.
  11. Provide funding (travel and accommodations) for your registrar and other trauma team members to attend an initial registrar training session and the ACS TQIP Annual Meeting and Training each year.
  12. Adhere to the NTDB data submission guidelines defined by the NTDS.
  13. Follow data submission procedures, including quarterly submission of registry data for analysis and agree to periodic external data validation site visits.

Getting Started outlines the steps to follow in preparing for TQIP participation.

Services is a quick list of the services that hospitals will receive through TQIP.

We have developed a TQIP Hospital Information resource for use by your hospital administration. It is available as a PDF and a PPT.