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NTDB Participation

National Trauma Data Bank® (NTDB®) collects trauma registry data from participating trauma centers on an annual basis. Data are aggregated and used to produce annual reports, hospital benchmark reports, and data quality reports. If you have any questions about the call for data process, please consult the NTDB User's Tutorial which is located on the data center home page.

To participate in NTDB, please follow the instructions below.

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Data Participation Instructions

Please prepare your data file according to your vendor's instructions. When creating your file for submission, please be certain that you‘re following the NTDB inclusion criteria. Your file should include only those records with an admission year for the current call for data, regardless of discharge date.

If you need help preparing your data files in the proper NTDB format, please contact your trauma registry software provider:

Log into the NTDB Data Center website using your unique Facility ID and password. Find your facility ID.

If not previously completed, please sign the American College of Surgeons (ACS) HIPAA Business Associate Agreement/Data Use Agreement  (BAA/DUA). Please contact us at if you cannot sign in online. Please complete the facility information screens. Please be sure that your trauma level and bed size fields are accurate, as they will be used as the basis for comparison to other facilities in the benchmark report. The BAA and facility information must be complete in order to submit data.

After the facility information screens and the business associate agreement have been completed you will be able to submit data. Click on the link entitled "Submit Data," and follow the instructions.

Following the data transmission, you will receive an e-mail stating that your Validator-generated reports are available for viewing. The validator reports will notify you whether your file has passed or failed and will display records with missing or invalid data on key fields. You may then correct these data and make another NTDB data submission.

When your data submission is corrected and complete, click on the link called Submission Listing and check 'Accept' next to the file that you want to submit to NTDB. This is very important—please remember to accept your correct and complete submission.

For questions about NTDB data submission, e-mail us at