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DMEP Course FAQs

How do I bring Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness (DMEP) to my site?

Review the requirements below and contact if your site meets them. The first course will require an evaluation by national faculty and final approval by the program director, so please contact our office before scheduling your first course. In the case of international sites, respective the Region Chief and Country Chair should also be notified.

What are the requirements for hosting a DMEP course?

  • Must have a qualified DMEP course director
  • On-site coordinator for scheduling of students and resources, and to ensure completion of paperwork
  • Two to three qualified DMEP instructors for 15–30 students, and three DMEP instructors for 31–40 students
  • A room with A/V capabilities that can comfortably hold the participants and faculty. A DMEP course generally has 15-40 students.

How do I become a DMEP instructor?

Please consult the Instructor Candidate Form for requirements.

How do I order DMEP materials?

If you register to take a DMEP course, the course site will provide you with a manual. If you are not registered to take a course and are still interested in purchasing a manual, please visit the e-store.

How do I search and register for a DMEP course?

Search for a course online, and contact the site coordinator about registration and costs associated with the course.

How much does a DMEP course cost?

Each course site determines the pricing of the course. Please contact the site whose course you are interested in attending.

Who do I contact if I have not received my Certificate of Attendance or CME certificate?

If you have not received your CME certificate or Certificate of Attendance, contact the site coordinator where you took the course.

For all other inquiries, contact