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How do I bring the Advanced Surgical Skills for Exposure in Trauma (ASSET) course to my site?

Review the requirements below, and contact if your site meets them. The first course will require an evaluation by national faculty and final approval by the program director, so please contact our office before scheduling your first course.

What are the requirements for hosting an ASSET course?

  • Access to fresh/fresh frozen cadavers (one [1] per every four [4] students) and institutional approval for use of cadavers for planned course
  • Cadaver lab that adheres to all applicable state, regional, and local regulations
  • Adequate equipment to support lab dissection and  A/V equipment in lab to support lab slides and video
  • On-site coordinator for scheduling of students and resources, and to ensure completion of paperwork
  • A qualified ASSET course director and one qualified ASSET instructor (or instructor candidate) per cadaver

If your site meets these requirements, contact for more information about the process for becoming a verified site.  

How do I check my instructor status?

To check your instructor status, contact

How do I become an ASSET instructor?

Instructors must be a surgeon with experience in trauma surgery. Surgeons who are in a current trauma fellowship are eligible to become instructors, but residents are not.

Instructors must participate in and successfully complete an approved ASSET course as a student, and be identified as "Instructor Potential." Candidates must teach and be evaluated in an approved ASSET course as an instructor candidate within one year of being identified as Instructor Potential under the supervision of a qualified instructor/course director.

How can I purchase an ASSET manual?

If you register to take an ASSET course, the course site will provide you with a manual. However, if you are not registered to take a course, and are still interested in purchasing a manual, please visit the e-store.

How do I search and register for an ASSET course? What is the course fee?

Search for a course online, and contact the site coordinator about registration and costs associated with the course. Each course site determines the pricing of the course.

Who do I contact if I have not received my Certificate of Attendance or CME certificate?

If you have not received your ASSET CME certificate or Certificate of Attendance, contact

For all other inquiries, contact