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Step 8: Advocacy

Advocacy is needed throughout the process. Make contact with the hospital or university foundation for advocacy and financial support.

  • Fee-for-service billing
    • State-level bills advocating for case managers to be capable of billing Medicare for their services are under review with an ultimate goal of federal-level policy.
    • May be able to advocate at the state level for this form of reimbursement.

Case Study

Bank of America Foundation approached a hospital foundation. Bank of America was interested in supporting the underserved community in improving the economic state. In conjunction with the Foundation, the violence intervention program worked with an urban arborist program to create a vocational training program for clients with the great potential for securing a city or private arborist job at the end of the internship period.

Potential Pitfalls

  • Missed opportunities for highlighting the story in press conferences, local media, and in city hall.
  • Poor social media presence and lack of public advocacy leads to missed opportunities for buy-in, financial support, and political backing.