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National Safety Council Award


Recognition of outstanding service to safety by surgeons or surgical organizations. The Surgeons' Award for Service to Safety is sponsored by the National Safety Council and nominated by the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma and the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Committee on Trauma.


  • Strengthen the work of surgeons or surgical organizations by identifying and enhancing their emphasis on the interlocking problems of the prevention and restoration of accidental injuries
  • Strengthen the work of safety councils through the increased participation of surgeons in organized accident prevention activities
  • Continue progress in the development of criteria to ascertain the effectiveness of activities conducted for the prevention of accidents


National Safety Council


Individuals or organizations, that through their services or activities make outstanding contributions to the prevention of accidents, establish or demonstrate methods and results adaptable to other individuals or groups, or result in stimulating others to undertake or take part in safety projects or programs.

Past Recipients

1960 George J. Curry
1961 Charles G. Johnson
1962 Robert H. Kennedy
1963 R. Arnold Griswold
1964 Harrison L. McLaughlin
1965 Preston A. Wade
1966 Isidore Cohn
1967 Paul Magnuson
1968 Oscar P. Hampton, Jr.
1969 John P. North
1970 Rudolph J. Noer
1971 William T. Fitts, Jr.
1972 Sam Banks
1973 Joseph D. Farrington
1974 Curtis P. Artz
1975 Jack Wickstrom
1976 Sawnie R. Gaston
1977 John A. Moncrief
1978 Robert W. Gillespie
1979 John H. Davis
1980 Henry C. Cleveland
1981 Walter A. Hoyt, Jr.
1982 C. Thomas Thompson
1983 John E. Raaf
1984 G. Tom Shires
1985 Fraser N. Gurd
1986 Carlton Mathewson, Jr.
1987 Robert J. Freeark
1988 Alexander C. Hering
1989 Donald D. Trunkey
1990 J. Cuthbert Owens
1991 Basil A. Pruitt, Jr.
1992 Paul E. Collicott
1993 George F. Sheldon
1994 John D. States
1995 Gerald W. Shaftan
1996 Barbara A. Barlow
1997 H. David Root
1998 Norman E. McSwain
1999 F. William Blaisdell
2000 Charles C. Wolferth, Jr.
2001 C. James Carrico
2002 Charles Aprahamian
2003 Norman M. Rich
2004 Charles E. Lucas
2005 Lenworth M. Jacobs, Jr.
2006 David R. Boyd
2007 R. Carter Nance (presented in 2008)
2008 C. William Schwab
2009 Martin R. Eichelberger
2010 M. Margaret Knudson
2011 David S. Mulder (presented in 2012)
2012 John M Templeton (presented in 2013)
2013 Ronald M. Stewart
2014 Glen H. Tinkoff
2015 Ronald V. Maier
2016 Deborah A. Kuhls