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Congratulations to the military physicians, nurses, and medics who developed and championed the Joint Trauma System (JTS). This trauma system led to the lowest case-fatality rate among combat casualties in the history of armed conflict. The team who developed the JTS was recognized on December 3, 2015 at the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS) with the first ever Military Health System Battlefield Innovation Award.

Congratulations to Jeffrey A. Bailey, MD; Frank K. Butler, MD; Dominique John Greydanus ; Kirby R. Gross, MD; John B. Holcomb, MD; Donald H. Jenkins, MD; Russ S. Kotwall, MD; Robert L. Mabry, MD; Harold “Monty” Montgomery, SOCM, ATP; Douglas J. Robb, MD;  Samual W. Sauer, MD, MPH; Stacy A. Shackelford, MD;  Mary Ann Spott, PhD;  Zsolt T. Stockinger, MD; and their entire team of dedicated professionals across the globe.

The American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma and the Military Health System Strategic Partnership of the American College of Surgeons are proud to send our hearty congratulations and our sincere thanks for the life-saving work provided by these professionals!

JTS Award Winners 

Dr. Tom Foley Iowa Trauma System Achievement Award

Richard A. Sidwell, MD, FACS, and Mrs. Mary Foley

At the 2014 Advances in Trauma Course in Kansas City, MO, Richard A. Sidwell, MD, FACS, Chair of the ACS Iowa Committee on Trauma, announced the creation of the Dr. Tom Foley Iowa Trauma System Achievement Award.  The award was created as a memorial to Dr. Thomas M. Foley, MD, FACS, of Marshalltown, IA, who succumbed to a long illness in May 2014. Dr. Foley was named as its first recipient, and his wife, Mary, accepted it on behalf of his family. 

Dr. Foley was instrumental in the creation of the Iowa State Trauma System, and worked tirelessly and selflessly to improve trauma care in many other ways, including the creation of the Rural Trauma Team Development Course. The award will be presented annually by the Iowa Committee on Trauma to recognize individuals for outstanding contributions to the care of injured patients.

The award placed next to a picture of Dr. Foley.