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Progress Report on Improving the New SSR

To our SSR community:

We’re moving forward to improve the new Surgeon Specific Registry (SSR) and want to provide you with a quick update on our efforts to address various user issues, which we posted online April 24.

View the list at:

Since then, we’ve had an in-depth discussion with our vendor on these issues and we’ve developed preliminary plans for some immediate fixes to the system that will begin the first week of May. We also have a longer range plan to implement other revisions throughout the month of May and into early June.

We’ve also reached out to all of you for your input and within the next 10 days we will be convening a call with a group of active users who have come forward to have a recurrent conversation with us on improving the new SSR. If you’d like to be part of that group, then please do send your email address as soon as possible to:

Please look for future communications from us. We’ll keep you posted as we continue our work in making the new SSR a valuable tool for helping you to achieve optimal surgical patient care.


The SSR Team
American College of Surgeons