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Using the SSR for Maintenance of Certification Part 4 and Recertification

The various boards in surgery are transitioning from Recertification to a new Maintenance of Certification program (MOC).

The four parts of MOC are:

  • MOC Part 1: Professional standing
  • MOC Part 2: Life-long learning and self-assessment
  • MOC Part 3: Cognitive expertise
  • MOC Part 4: Assessment of practice performance

The Surgeon Specific Registry (SSR) helps fulfill MOC Part 4 requirements and continues to meet Recertification requirements. The purpose of MOC Part 4 is to promote ongoing practice performance assessment to improve the quality of patient care. The SSR will provide surgeons with information about procedure-specific outcomes in their own practice and will allow them to compare their results with a national database. This feedback will help surgeons identify areas for improvement in their practice.