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MIPS 2017 Submission Approval

Approving Your MIPS 2017 Data Submission in the SSR

If you are participating in MIPS 2017 through the SSR, then there are few important facts to keep in mind:

  • PLEASE NOTE: These instructions are for current SSR MIPS 2017 participants who are finishing the last steps of their data submissions. If you have not yet started your MIPS 2017 participation in the SSR, follow the instructions in these resources.
  • Approving your MIPS 2017 data submission is the final step you must take for your data to be submitted to CMS. Without approval, your data will not be submitted to CMS.
  • The deadline to approve your MIPS 2017 data submission in the SSR has been extended to February 7, 2018.
  • Once you have approved your submission AND the February 7, 2018 deadline has passed, you cannot make changes to any of the cases that you have chosen to be submitted for MIPS. (Note: this only applies if you are participating in the Quality component of MIPS.)
  • The ACS will have submitted your data to CMS by March 31, 2018, at the latest. Once the ACS has submitted your data, CMS will verify the results by indicating whether your submission was “accepted” or “rejected”. Please note that an “accepted” submission does not mean that your data submission was successful to avoid the penalty or earn an incentive payment. Once submitted and “accepted”, CMS will review your data and make a determination at a later point in time.

Instructional Resources

For approving your MIPS 2017 data submission in the SSR:

Download the Quick Guide Steps


Watch a video demonstration.