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Standard 2.15: Support and Rehabilitation

Support and rehabilitation services are provided or referred.

Definition and Requirements

Comprehensive breast cancer care is multidisciplinary and includes medical health professionals addressing patient needs identified along the breast cancer continuum from diagnosis through survivorship. Supportive services help patients and their families cope with the day-to-day details of a breast cancer diagnosis. These resources address emotional, physical, financial, and other needs of the breast cancer patient. Supportive services address the needs of the majority of patients, as well as provide for special populations or needs.

The supportive services offered on-site will vary depending upon the scope of the facility, local staff expertise, and patient population.

Oncology Social Work Certification (OSW-C)-certified oncology social workers are preferred.

Supportive services not provided on-site are provided through referral to other facilities and/or local agencies.

Supportive services may include:

  • Lymphedema management and risk reduction practices
  • Integrative medicine (for example, yoga, tai chi, exercise)
  • Psychosocial distress screening and support
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Palliative care
  • Support groups
  • Transportation services
  • Financial services
  • Other complementary services, such as music/art therapy, relaxation, and massage, used in conjunction with rehabilitation disciplines

Process Requirements

An annual report of supportive services is presented to the Breast Program Leadership Committee (BPLC).

Compliance is reviewed annually by the BPLC.


Complete all required standard fields in the Survey Application Record (SAR).

Document the presentation of the annual supportive services report and annual audit by the BPLC in the meeting minutes.


The surveyor will discuss the support and rehabilitation services available and the annual report of supportive services presented to the BPLC during the site visit.

Rating Compliance


  1. Support and rehabilitation services are provided or referred.
  2. An annual report of supportive services is presented to the BPLC.
  3. Compliance is reviewed annually by the BPLC and documented in the meeting minutes.


The center does not fulfill one or more of the compliance criteria.