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Portal Instructions

Please read these instructions before completing the application. Retain the instructions and a copy of the completed application for your records. These instructions will assist you in preparing an accurate and complete application. All questions in the application must be answered in full or the application will be considered incomplete. When completing the application, please keep in mind, the more detailed information you can provide, the better. All information received by the NAPBC will remain confidential.

If you are a recertifying center, you will receive an e-mail the year before your site visit is due in August with further instructions on starting the recertification process.

  • Please review the most current NAPBC Standards Manual before completing the NAPBC Site Visit Application Record (SAR).   

  • Make sure JavaScript is enabled on your computer. If JavaScript is not enabled, open your browser and Google "How do I enable JavaScript" in your browser and follow the instructions.
  • Please keep in mind that for confidential reasons, the SAR will timeout after 5 minutes of inactivity.

  • New centers applying for NAPBC accreditation
    If you are a new center starting an application, please select Register Center Application. This is for first-time users only.
  • How to access your existing application
    If you are a returning center still working on the application, please log in as an Existing Center - Access Application and/or SAR. If you saved your application as a draft, you will receive an e-mail with your username and password. If you have not received an e-mail, your application was not saved.
  • How to access your center portal SAR
    If you are a returning center working on the SAR, please log in as an Existing Center - Access Application and/or SAR.  The username and password can be found in your approval notification e-mail. Select Access Active Site Visit Application Record (SAR) then Edit and the SAR will drop down by Chapters.

  • How to access your recertifying SAR
    Click on Access Active Site Visit Application Record (SAR) then Edit and finally select Application. Complete or update your Application page and select submit. Once you have submitted your Application page, your new SAR will automatically drop down. Please note: Your recertifying SAR will only be accessible to you late August, the year before your site visit is due.
  • Click the heading name on each tab to open or close the Application or SAR Chapters.

  • Save your work continuously by clicking Save as Draft at the end of each section. (Please click only once.)

  • How to submit your NAPBC SAR
    Access Active Site Visit Application Record (SAR) select Edit and Submit each Chapter by clicking on individual tabs and Submit to NAPBC – Chapter Completed. Then click on Submit SAR – Complete  to submit your entire SAR. An e-mail will follow immediately confirming receipt of SAR.  Each chapter must be submitted separately, along with a final submit. Please click only once.
  • How to update your center information and contacts
    Select Update all center information and contacts to update any of the following: breast center name, BPL, staff contact, alternative contact information.
  • How to change your Welcome name or username and password
    Log into your center portal and select Update Login Information.
  • Attaching and removing documents in the SAR
    • Please use the upload feature in the application and SAR to include documents and eliminate the need to retype your information into the application. A second upload feature and text box is provided if needed.

    • Choose ONE file per upload (you can only upload PDF, DOC, RTF, and XLS files). Do not use special characters in the file name (i.e., ( . )( , )/<>?;':"[]\{}|`~!@##$%^&*()=+). After attaching your document(s), select Save as draft at the bottom of the page.

    • Uploading another file will automatically replace your existing file after clicking Save as draft or you may delete the file by simply clicking on Remove file then Save as draft. We recommend that you upload only one file at a time.

  • How to access your marketing material/certificate (accredited centers only)
    A link to access your marketing material/certificate is available via your Performance Report e-mail.
  • How to make edits to the SAR after site visit
    Select Post Site Visit Evaluation / Final SAR Edits then Edit and choose the chapter you would like to make edits in. When finished, submit to NAPBC and your changes will be saved.
  • How to access and submit your Post-Site Visit Evaluation after site visit
    Select Post Site Visit Evaluation / Final SAR Edits then Edit and click on the Post Site Visit Evaluation tab and enter your data. When finished, submit to NAPBC. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. Thanks for your site visit!
  • How to access/update your center profile page
    Click on Center Profile Detail then Edit then Center Profile Details. Fill out the form and submit when you are finished.
  • Best practices
    To review and submit your documentation for best practices, select Best Practice then View then Best Practice. You may upload your document, select yes for approval, submit in order to have your best practices reviewed and considered for posting on the NAPBC website. 
  • What to do if you receive an error message
    Please send an e-mail to with a screen shot of the error along with an explanation of how the error came about. Please include your center ID number.
  • Resolving your deficiency
    Resolution documentation must be submitted online by logging into the NAPBC center portal and clicking on Deficiency Resolution. Documentation is reviewed by the NAPBC Standards and Accreditation Committee on a monthly basis.  Please allow 30–60 days for final determination.  You will receive an e-mail when final determination has been made.  At this point, you should be able to log into the NAPBC center portal to view your deficiency letter. Centers that do not resolve deficiencies within a 12-month period will be required to reapply for accreditation.

If you have questions or need help completing the application, please feel free to call or e-mail the NAPBC at 312-202-5185 or at . Please have your Center ID number ready when you call or e-mail.