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Bethany L. Niell, MD, PhD

Bethany L. Niell, MD, PhD

Representing the American Institute of Radiological Pathology

Dr. Bethany L. Niell received her MD and PhD degrees from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She completed a diagnostic radiology residency at Massachusetts General Hospital, where she also served as chief resident. Dr. Niell is a board-certified subspecialty-trained diagnostic radiologist. Her clinical practice involves interpreting mammograms, ultrasound, and breast MRI, and performing image-guided breast biopsies.

Dr. Niell’s research interests focus primarily on the optimal utilization of breast imaging, resulting in publications on appropriate follow-up imaging of patients after an aborted MRI-guided breast biopsy, the management of patients diagnosed with lobular neoplasia on core breast biopsy, a comprehensive analysis of breast MRI performance measures, and the clinical implications of extra-mammary incidental findings on breast MRI.

Her ongoing research projects include the utility of breast MRI for further evaluation of equivocal tomosynthesis findings, the development of a quantitative method to evaluate background parenchymal enhancement on breast MRI, and a research survey to understand screening mammography patients’ preferences regarding communication of estimated lifetime breast cancer risks and the potential need for screening breast MRI in addition to screening mammography in women at elevated risk.