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Enhanced Recovery: Partnering to Improve Surgical Care and Recovery

Thursday, July 18 | 8:00 am–5:00 pm

The Improving Surgical Care and Recovery (ISCR) team will host an event on Thursday, July 18, 2019, prior to the beginning of the 2019 ACS Quality and Safety Conference. This will be a two-part event.

  • Part 1: Enhanced Recovery Bootcamp
  • Part 2: Enhanced Recovery Beyond Colorectal: Tips and Tricks for Spread and Sustaining

Part 1 will take place in the morning and will provide a broad overview tailored to hospitals newer to enhanced recovery and will include a review of evidence-based perioperative care, and how implementation of an enhanced recovery program can be successfully achieved. Part 2 will take place in the afternoon and will highlight more advanced principles and provide an opportunity for sharing lessons learned and networking.

This event is appropriate for those newly considering an enhanced recovery program, those working through their implementation, and those teams ready to push enhanced recovery programs into new service lines. This session will provide details, examples, and workshop-style discussions to take your center to the next level.


  • Meet and discuss the challenges with experts on controversial topics like bowel preparation and NSAID use amongst others
  • Hear about innovative ways hospitals are capitalizing on their enhanced recovery programs to continue to advance the perioperative quality agenda
  • Experience virtual change management simulation where you can test different implementation strategies and get real time feedback on your approach as well as chance to debrief with implementation experts
  • Network with peers in enhanced recovery
  • Participate in games and win prizes!

What Are the Benefits?

  • Start thinking about implementation barriers before they happen
  • Discuss unique challenges at your hospital with others and see how they might approach it
  • Meet the national project team from Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute Patient Safety and Quality and the American College of Surgeons

Interested in Attending?

Contact to express your interest in attending the event.

About the Improving Surgical Care and Recovery Program

The AHRQ Safety Program for Improving Surgical Care and Recovery is a national collaborative that provides support to hospitals on their journey toward broad adoption of perioperative evidence-based pathways with the goal of meaningfully improving clinical outcomes, reducing hospital length-of-stay and improving the patient experience. 

Participating sites will have access to U.S. experts in perioperative quality, ready-to-use pathways, tools and education materials, the ACS data collection platform, program coaching calls and clinical support. 

The program is free and open to all hospitals in the United States, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

Hospitals will have the chance to join the program this summer and participate in a newly added cohort, which will begin September 1, 2019. Hospitals can select to work on colorectal, gynecology, joint replacement, and/or hip fracture.  For hospitals considering this opportunity, the morning session will be focused on an orientation to the main principles and supporting evidence as well as discussion of best change management and implementation strategies to accelerate your program.