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Quality Support Tools

National Conference

Each year, the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program® (ACS NSQIP®) National Conference provides a professional forum for surgeon champions, surgical clinical reviewers (SCRs), and other hospital employees involved in ACS NSQIP and ACS NSQIP Pediatric quality efforts to discuss and apply the most recent knowledge pertaining to national and local surgical quality initiatives. There are practical sessions on analysis and use of ACS NSQIP data as well as breakout sessions on surgical topics.

Data Reports

Hospitals have around-the-clock access to their hospital-level case data via the case details report, which allows sites to pull standard case data and custom fields data—including pilot data—efficiently in one report. Participating sites also have data for real-time non-risk adjusted benchmarking reports that allow them to benchmark their results against other sites in the program. Hospital level data is risk-adjusted twice a year by the ACS NSQIP statistical team, in order to further assist with quality improvement initiatives.

Surgeon Champion and SCR Education Calls

Surgeon champions and SCRs further their networking and learning opportunities by participating in calls hosted by ACS NSQIP Pediatric program staff. Regular surgeon champion calls are led by the Measurement &Evaluation Committee Chair, and SCR education calls are run by the ACS NSQIP Clinical Support Team. Each interactive call focuses on a specific quality improvement or program topic, program updates, variable definition training, and participating sites often share their case studies and learnings with each other.