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Apply for OMH Accreditation

Thank you for your interest in the Commission on Cancer (CoC) Oncology Medical Home (OMH) Accreditation. The following outlines the steps to begin the OMH accreditation process:

  • Download your complimentary copy of the Oncology Medical Home Standards Manual.
  • Review and implement the Eligibility Requirements on pages 14–16.
    • ER1: The Oncology Medical Home (OMH) practice leadership, including administrators and physicians, supports the OMH concept and adopts policies and procedures to achieve OMH accreditation
    • ER2: The Oncology Medical Home practice utilizes a certified Electronic Health Record as defined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
    • ER3: Each calendar year, the Oncology Medical Home practice submits applicable data for all mandatory performance measures as indicated by the Commission on Cancer
  • Complete and submit via e-mail the OMH presurvey application.
  • Sign the electronic ACS Business Associate and Data Use Agreement (BA/DUA). This BA/DUA covers all American College of Surgeons quality improvement program customers.
  • When the presurvey application and the BAA are received and processed you will be sent an invoice for the $2,000 application fee.  Please follow the instructions on how and where to submit payment.  (These instructions will be included on the invoice.) This fee must be paid before a program is given access to the OMH Survey Application Record (SAR).
  • Once all the required information is received and accepted, you will be given access to the OMH SAR. You will need to provide the required information and supporting documentation.
  • CoC staff will contact you via e-mail to schedule your site visit.
  • OMH Practices seeking initial accreditation must be compliant with requirements for all Eligibility Requirements and standards outlined in the Oncology Medical Home Standards Manual. OMH standards are required to be in place for at least 12 continuous months before the initial survey can take place.
    • Survey cycles for accredited OMH practices will be based on a three-year calendar year cycle.