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Commission on Cancer Operative Standards Update

We have good news to report to you regarding progress being made on creating the synoptic operative reports to support compliance with the operative standards included in the Optimal Resources for Cancer Care (2020 Standards).

We previously sent a message stating that, during the phase in period, we would work on developing synoptic operative reports for breast, colon and melanoma in order for surgeons and their institutions to document compliance once the operative standards (Standards 5.3–5.8) become required.

We are pleased to report that the content for the colon and breast synoptic operative reports is nearly complete and we expect that lessons learned in the build of the first two reports will accelerate the build of the melanoma report.

It is our plan to continue to work with users as we iterate on the production and testing of the electronic prototypes and integrated tools.

The expectation is that we will have PDF reports to post to our website and present before and during the July American College of Surgeons Quality & Safety Conference and that additional educational and training forums will be offered to familiarize programs with how to use the tools.

A further expectation is that we will have a fully mature electronic tool that can work within the electronic health record by the first quarter of 2021.

In the event the tools are not ready as planned, or in the event that additional educational and training time is required for tool mastery at Commission on Cancer sites, we will extend the phase in period until programs are appropriately prepared for implementation.

Future updates will be shared with programs via email and Cancer Programs News as well as posted on the Operative Standards web page.