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NCDB News: RQRS Updates

Files/cases submitted to RQRS are processing in both v18 and v16.  In order to ensure all cases that were originally submitted in v16 are processed correctly in v18,  all 2018 data items including AJCC 8th Edition TNM and Stage groups, radiation data items if applicable, and cancer status will need to be updated and the cases resubmitted. Once these data items are updated in the vendor software and resubmitted to RQRS, the dashboards, alerts, and case list will update.Please review the RQRS User Guide for the RQRS Minimum EPR Calculation Fields required to run the measure algorithms. 

RQRS v 18 Changes

These v18 changes are already in RQRS:

  1. AJCC8/NAACCRv18 updates for dx year ≥2018: update histology codes, TNM, cStage/pStage Group codes, SSDI, no post TNM.
  2. Radiation Codes: v16 Radiation codes are used if entered. If v16 radiation codes are blank, v18 radiation codes will be used.
  3. MAC: added Chemo code 01 (unknown) with BRM as compliant.
  4. MAC and HT: to accommodate borderline status for ER/PR use new SSDI codes ER/PR% instead of ER/PR Summary.

Additional Changes for Neo-Adjuvant Treatment—MAC and HT

MAC and HT: The measures presently look to pathologic N staging as the reference for assessing tumor size. Beginning with the AJCC 8th edition, pathologic TNM staging is no longer recorded for cases undergoing neo-adjuvant treatment, so cases with neoadjuvant treatment are incorrectly marked as incomplete. We are implementing a change for all dx years to include cases with neo-adjuvant treatment regardless of tumor size.