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Coding NAACCR Data Item 756 Tumor Size Summary When No Size Is Given


When a patient has surgery and no size is reported on the path report, how is the tumor size coded?


Record the most accurate measurement of a solid primary tumor, based on the rules in STORE.

Tumor size code 999 is coded when size is unknown or not applicable. The sites/morphologies where tumor size is not applicable are listed on page 176, STORE.

When a patient has neoadjuvant therapy followed by surgery, do not record the size from the pathologic specimen. Code the largest size of the tumor prior to neoadjuvant treatment. If it is unknown, code the size as 999.

If no surgical resection is performed, then code the largest measurement of the tumor from the physical exam, imaging, or other diagnostic procedures in this order of priority prior to any form of treatment (See Coding Rules), page 174, STORE.