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Interim Pre-Review Questionnaire Available for 2022 Site Review

Dear Cancer Program Colleagues,

The Commission on Cancer (CoC) is pleased to announce that your cancer program contacts now have access to the 2020 standards Pre-Review Questionnaire (PRQ) in the CoC Datalinks Activity Menu. The PRQ (formally known as the Survey Application Record (SAR)) supports documentation of standards compliance for your upcoming 2022 CoC site visit based on the 2020 standards.

The Datalinks PRQ is to be considered a temporary record keeping tool until a final version of the PRQ is released in the new American College of Surgeons (ACS) Quality Portal (QPort) in mid-2021. Entering information into the Datalinks PRQ is OPTIONAL as the information will not automatically copy over to the QPort PRQ when launched. The QPort PRQ is the version that will be required for use for 2022 site visits. The Datalinks PRQ may be utilized in the interim as an opportunity to become familiar with what must be submitted for your 2022 site visit.

Both the Datalinks and QPort PRQs will include requested information to demonstrate compliance with the 2020 standards for the years 2020 and 2021, including the functionality to upload the required templates currently available on the CoC Datalinks Activity Menu. We will notify you as soon as QPort is available to give you plenty of time to complete the QPort PRQ for your 2022 site visit.

QPort will replace CoC Datalinks in mid-2021 and will include the PRQ and all resources needed to support the accreditation process. Benefits of the transition to QPort include:

  • One login and interface for all American College of Surgeons’ Quality Programs, including the CoC, NAPBC, and NAPRC
  • Modernized platform, with increased load speeds and IT capabilities
  • Streamlined accreditation management, including improved site visit scheduling, management of site contacts, modernized PRQ, and one location for accreditation resources.

Another option to keep your information centralized until the QPort PRQ is released is to utilize the folder structure that is provided as a tutorial and folder set-up links in the Standards Resource Library (SRL) under the General Resource section in CoC Datalinks.

We appreciate your continued participation in the CoC Accreditation Program. Please submit your questions to

Thank you,

Commission on Cancer
American College of Surgeons