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Lymphovascular Invasion

Lymphovascular Invasion, NAACCR Data Item # 1182, indicates the presence or absence of tumor cells in lymphatic channels (not lymph nodes) or blood vessels within the primary tumor as noted microscopically by the pathologist.

Review the primary site, histology and Schema ID for this record, and then follow the coding instructions in STORE. Assign codes for Lymphovascular Invasion, NAACCR Data Item # 1182, based on the absence or presence of lymphovascular invasion as described in the medical record from the checklist or synoptic report, pathology report or a physician’s statement, in that order.

This data item is required for all CoC-accredited programs. For CoC-accredited programs, code 8 when not applicable for benign/borderline brain and CNS tumors, and when the Schema IDs match those listed in section 2.e. on page 155 of STORE. For programs not accredited by the CoC, code 8 may be used when the Schema IDs match those listed in section 2.d. on page 154 of STORE.

Two minor template and formatting errors have been noted and will be updated in the next version of STORE. Please note that 1) the allowable values for Lymphovascular Invasion, NAACCR Data Item # 1182, include 0-4, 8-9, as specified in the Coding Instructions table found on page 156, and 2) Section 2.a. on page 153 should read "Use code 0 when the pathology report indicates that there is no lymphovascular invasion. This includes cases of purely in situ carcinoma, which biologically have no access to lymphatic or vascular channels below the basement membrane."

2019 Call for Data

Due to the many changes and implementation delays in 2018, the NCDB 2019 Call for Data schedule will be adjusted to allow software vendors time to install v18 for their customers and registries an opportunity to catch up with abstracting the new data items and resubmit RQRS cases. At this time, the 2019 Call for Data is scheduled for April 1–June 30, 2019, and both NAACCR v16 and v18 layouts will be accepted for submission.

As the NCDB prepares to roll out the Rapid Cancer Reporting System (RCRS) with our new technology partner IQVIA next year, we continue to build out the needed technological infrastructure to support this new system. RCRS will replace RQRS and other NCDB tools while introducing a single source of data submission for all of our hospital registries. RQRS has been down recently as some of these new development efforts have been integrated and tested.

The NCDB is looking for programs that would like to be part of the pilot project for our new reporting structure (RCRS). Cases submitted to RCRS will include all disease sites and years, and will display the NCDB reporting tools in real time. We are currently compiling a list of volunteers, and if you would like to be part of the pilot project, please email us at, and we will add you to the list.