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NCDB RQRS User Guide Updated

NCDB RQRS User Guide Minimum EPR Calculations Fields v18

Effective June 2019, the Rapid Quality Reporting System (RQRS) User Guide, pages 13-16 Table 2b, has been updated to reflect the minimum EPR Calculations Fields for v18.

The following Data Items were updated:

  • Data item 3826 Estrogen Receptor Percent Positive or Range
  • Data Item 3914 Progesterone Receptor Percent Positive or Range

Additional Changes for Neo-Adjuvant Treatment to Be Added to MAC and HT

MAC and HT: These measures presently look to pathologic staging as the reference for assessing tumor size. With the staging rule changes that accompanied the AJCC 8th edition, pathologic TNM staging will no longer be recorded for cases undergoing neo-adjuvant treatment. So for the time being, cases with neo-adjuvant treatment are marked as incomplete.  We are currently implementing an update to correctly process cases with neo-adjuvant therapy staged using the 8th edition.