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Tracking NCDB and RQRS Submissions on CoC Datalinks

Hospital registrars are encouraged to track the progress of their NCDB and RQRS submissions in CoC Datalinks NCDB Data Submission History and Edits and RQRS Data Submission History and Edits, respectively, to confirm the completeness and accuracy of their submission. From the NCDB Submission History Detail, select View Detail, then, select “View Edit Report” to show the edit report for each diagnosis year, as applicable. From the RQRS Submission History, select “View Detail for the file/s submitted, then, select the “View Edit Report” gray icon from the RQRS Edits Report or Records Rejected column to view the “RQRS Data Submission Edits Status.” The paragraph on the top of the page explains the failed edits with an edit score of 200 needs to be reviewed, corrected and resubmitted.

CTR Guide to Coding Radiation Therapy

Until the next version of STORE reflecting the most recent updates is released, registrars are encouraged to use the CTR Guide to Coding Radiation Therapy Treatment in the STORE, which takes precedence over the current version of the STORE (v1.0). 

The CTR Guide to Coding Radiation Therapy Treatment in the STORE may also be found in the Resources section of the National Cancer Database web page.

STORE Data Item Clarification for Coding I-131

As referenced in page 10 of the CTR Guide to Coding Radiation Therapy Treatment in the STORE  (Version 1.0), technically, I-131 is effective wherever there are thyroid cancer cells in the body, so there is no specific anatomic treatment volume involved. Therefore, it is recommended coding radioisotope treatments as 98 (Other). While another reasonable option would be to code the volume as 93 (Whole Body), code 93 (Whole Body) has traditionally been reserved for whole body treatment with external beam radiation such as is done prior to bone marrow transplantation. For historical consistency purposes, please use 98 (Other). 

STORE is effective for cases diagnosed January 1, 2018. Use this manual for current cases. In most instances, it also should be used for historic cases being abstracted currently; exceptions are noted in the text. 

Moving forward, please abstract cases following the rule from the STORE Data Item Clarification: I-131 for Thyroid for applicable cases. This includes cases diagnosed prior to 2018.

NCDB is not stating that thyroid cases diagnosed prior to 2018 should be pulled for review and re-coded to 98 (Other) if they had I-131.