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CTR Guide to Coding Radiation Therapy

The Commission on Cancer Radiation Oncology Working Group is pleased to announce the distribution of the CTR Guide to Coding Radiation Therapy Treatment in the STORE  version 1.0 to aid registrars in the coding of the 31 Radiation Data items defined in STORE. This document may also be found in the Resources section of the National Cancer Database web page.

Call for Data 2019 GenEDITS Plus 5

The 2019 GenEDITS Plus 5 Installation and Edits v16 and v18 guide is now available. GenEdits Plus is a tool developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) used for defining standards for data quality and for checking data quality during the collection process. Programs submitting data for the 2019 Call for Data should use GenEDITS Plus as a final check of edits before submitting to NCDB. Once the files are clean of edit errors, rename and submit to NCDB through the CoC Datalinks submission portal.

Download and install GenEDITS Plus 5 from the CDC website. Assistance from the program’s IT department may be needed. Additional information is posted in the 2019 GenEDITS Plus 5 Editing Software page.

For more details, please visit the Cancer Programs News page. The latest updates on the 2019 Call for Data, CQIP 2018 and Survival Reports are available in NCDB: The Corner STORE (3/21/2019).