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Coming Soon! 2019 NCDB Call for Data Information for Registrars

The submission window will open April 1, 2019 through June 30, 2019 (12:00 midnight CST). Submit all analytic cases diagnosed in 2017 plus all analytic cases added or updated on or after December 1, 2017 (excluding diagnosis dating prior to program's Reference Date and not earlier than 1985). NCDB will be accepting both NAACCR v16 and v18 layouts for this submission. New programs submitting their first Call for Data submission must submit all analytic cases diagnosed on or after the program's Reference Date (and not earlier than 1985) through diagnosis year 2017.

As the NCDB moves forward with the new Rapid Cancer Reporting System (RCRS), programs are encouraged to continue submitting new and updated cases to RQRS as soon as the case has been identified as reportable. RCRS will replace RQRS and other NCDB tools while introducing a single source of data submission for all of our hospital registries. Communication will be distributed to the programs and in this publication, The Brief, as more information becomes available.

STORE Data Item Clarification: Lymphovascular Invasion

Lymphovascular Invasion, NAACCR Data Item #1182, identifies the presence or absence of tumor cells in lymphatic channels (not lymph nodes) or blood vessels within the primary tumor as noted microscopically by the pathologist.

On page 152 of STORE, section 1.f. states that: For cases treated with neoadjuvant therapy, refer to table below in order to code this field. However, if documentation in the medical record indicates information that conflicts with this table, code lymphovascular invasion with the documentation in the medical record. Code the presence of LVI from the pathology report and/or medical information.

  1. If LVI was present prior to neoadjuvant therapy (codes 1-4) but LVI was not present after neoadjuvant therapy (codes 0 or 9), code LVI to present (codes 1-4).
  2. If LVI was not present prior to neoadjuvant therapy (codes 0 or 9), but LVI was present after neoadjuvant therapy (codes 1-4), code LVI to present (codes 1-4).

STORE Data Item Clarification: Palliative Care

When a patient receives palliative care for pain management only with no other cancer-directed treatment, Date of First Course of Treatment, NAACCR Data Item #1270, would be the date in which a patient decides on palliative care for pain management only, as recommended by the physician. “No therapy” is a treatment option that occurs if the patient refuses treatment, the family or guardian refuses treatment, the patient dies before treatment starts, or the physician recommends no treatment be given, or the physician recommends palliative care for pain management only.


The RQRS User Guide has been updated with v18 requirements.

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