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The RQRS User Guide has been updated. There are no changes in the minimum required fields for submission to RQRS with v18, they are the same as v16. However, there are changes from v16 to v18 with the minimum required fields for the EPRs to calculate. Please see pages 10-16.

Following the instructions published on March 23, 2018, What to Do with 2018 Cases, any case diagnosed in 2018 will not display in RQRS dashboards or alerts. While unzipped v18 files are currently being accepted in RQRS, these files are not processed, dashboards, alerts and case listings are not updated, until the conversion to v18 has been completed and the edit files released. Once the v18 metafile is available, it will be sent out to software vendors, who will release it to their clients. NCDB GenEDITS Plus 2018 is still currently in v16 only. Communication will be sent out as more updates become available.

An issue has been identified with the processing of submitted data in RQRS. This issue affects all data submissions made on 1/11/2019 and later. As a result of this problem, the data displayed in RQRS—dashboards, alert and case listings—are currently not being updated. Please note that if you submitted to RQRS prior to 1/11/2019 the data displayed in the application is accurate. IT is currently addressing this issue, and we hope to have everything back up and running soon.

NCDB Completeness and Default Overuse Report

The NCDB Completeness and Default Overuse Reports for 2016 Diagnoses Submitted in 2018 is currently not available. IT is working diligently to resolve this issue, and communication will be sent as soon as updates are available.

2019 NCDB Call for Data

  • The submission window will open April 1, 2019 with final date for submission and corrections June 30, 2019 (12:00 midnight CST)
  • Submission specifications: Submit all analytic cases diagnosed in 2017 plus all analytic cases added or updated on or after December 1, 2017 (excluding diagnosis dating prior to program's Reference Date and not earlier than 1985).
  • NCDB will be accepting both NAACCR v16 and v18 layouts for this submission.
  • New programs submitting their first Call for Data submission must submit all analytic cases diagnosed on or after the program's Reference Date (and not earlier than 1985) through diagnosis year 2017.

Please send all comments, concerns and questions to