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Important Update for Cancer Accreditation Programs

ACS Cancer Programs has updated the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document posted to our website and sent to Commission on Cancer (CoC), National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) and National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer (NAPRC) program participants with information about the postponement of accreditation site visits as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The updated ACS Cancer Programs Postponement FAQ is posted to the ACS Cancer Programs website and will continue to be updated as new information is added. After this week, we will use the ACS Cancer Programs News newsletter to communicate when new versions of the FAQ are posted to the website. Please follow the newsletter and continue to send your questions to

The FAQ has been updated to primarily address the rescheduling of accreditation visits for programs due in 2020.

Important Changes

Once the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided, site reviewers assigned to CoC, NAPBC, and/or NAPRC programs scheduled for an accreditation site visit in 2020 will begin contacting you to reschedule for a date that works best for your program and the site reviewer. Rescheduled 2020 site visits should not resume until late fall and be completed by June 30, 2021. If you already have a site visit scheduled in October, November or December, you can work with your site reviewer to determine if you want to retain that date. This means, we will not be automatically re-assigning you a new site visit due date 6-months from your original date. Instead we will allow you to work directly with your site reviewer to reschedule a mutually agreeable date.

Thank you for all you do. Stay safe!