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Cancer Surgery Standards Program

Cancer Surgery Standards Program

Synoptic Operative Report Weekly Updates: Opportunity to Participate in Pilot of ACS SOR API

In an effort to make the American College of Surgeons synoptic operative reporting content more accessible to CoC-accredited cancer programs, the Cancer Surgery Standards Program (CSSP) is conducting a pilot of the application programming interface (API) mechanism developed by the ACS to facilitate development of synoptic operative reporting (SOR) capabilities. The CSSP seeks three CoC-accredited cancer programs to participate in the pilot. Pilot sites will receive access to the API free of charge, including the ACS-developed SOR content as well as the corresponding formatting and logic models.

The API offers the opportunity to specifically craft the institution's desired functionalities for SORs and ensures the correct standards are incorporated and up to date. The API requires local work by the IT departments at participating sites to build the synoptic operative reports into the electronic medical record (EMR). ACS will provide documentation/resources developed by the API vendor to support implementation. Direct support from ACS staff will not be available to programs during the implementation process.

Participating sites must sign a content license agreement with ACS. Sites will be required to provide feedback about how they implemented the API, including any challenges faced with implementation, user preferences for features of the SORs, technical hurdles, security hurdles, and strategies used to integrate into the EMR.

If your institution is interested in participating in the API pilot, please complete this survey by Friday, July 2. CSSP staff members will contact those selected to participate using the contact information provided in the survey. Questions should be directed to

practices to accomplish the requirements.

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