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National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer

National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer

NAPRC Provides Update

The National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer was established to define and deliver new standards for rectal cancer care and accreditation. The NAPRC recognizes that quality care is offered in a variety of settings. Contingent upon geographic, socioeconomic, and other variables, not every patient may have easy access to high-volume cancer centers and/or academic centers. The NAPRC is committed to help optimize the outcomes for all patients, regardless of treatment setting. Despite significant evidence that both volume and training strongly correlated with outcomes, the NAPRC has focused on the delivery of optimal rectal cancer care based upon adherence to standards rather than upon case volumes. This methodology should allow us to succeed in allowing patients throughout the U.S. to avail themselves of NAPRC-quality rectal cancer care.

Therefore, meeting the standards set forth in Optimal Resources for Rectal Cancer Care remains the evidence-based foundation for accreditation. While lower-volume programs may have challenges in identifying and implementing needed resources, the standards can be met when the care team is committed to high-quality care regardless of volume. It is an NAPRC priority to expand accreditation to programs of all sizes. Accreditation itself is not the sole determinant of high-quality care, but the highly vetted standards help establish an environment where such care is a priority.

The NAPRC continues to assess accreditation data and will be sharing lessons learned from the initial accreditation years so that all programs can better prepare for successful accreditation. As always, the goal is high-quality cancer care for all patients. During the last 10 years, we have gone from concept to the accreditation of 23 programs. We are excited about the future of rectal cancer care in America and aim to reach as many patients as possible, wherever they may live.

The NAPRC encourages all CoC-accredited hospitals considering accreditation to contact the accreditation team at with any questions or concerns they may have related to the standards.