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Cancer Surgery Standards Program

Cancer Surgery Standards Program

Synoptic Operative Report Weekly Updates: API Focus Group Survey

As shared on the synoptic operative reporting webinar on March 23, some cancer programs expressed an interest in using the Application Programming Interface (API) mechanism developed by the American College of Surgeons to facilitate development of their synoptic operative reporting capabilities. The API includes ACS-developed synoptic reporting content as well as the corresponding formatting and logic models. It can facilitate development and maintenance of ACS synoptic operative report templates compared with home-grown efforts. The decision to use an API versus develop their own synoptic operative reporting solution using the elements and responses required for Commission on Cancer (CoC) accreditation will depend on discussions with the organization's information technology (IT) department. Before we disseminate the API, we are soliciting a few interested institutions to work directly with us to learn more about how to optimize API implementation.

For this purpose, the Cancer Surgery Standards Program (CSSP) will hold a focus group with a small number of individuals from CoC-accredited cancer programs to better understand how programs might consume and implement the API. We are also hoping to understand the motivating factors for/against use of the API versus other methods. The focus group would consist of surgeon champions and representation by IT personnel at interested institutions. If your institution is interested in utilizing the ACS API, please complete this survey by Tuesday, April 13. Participants will need to sign a non-disclosure agreement. CSSP staff members will contact those selected to participate using the contact information provided in the survey. If we receive numerous replies, we may need to limit participation in the focus group. In this case, we will be selecting participants to achieve broad representation across the CoC community. What we learn from this focus group will be circulated to the benefit of all sites.

Additional information on the API can be found in the FAQ from our February 19 edition of Cancer Programs News. Details on availability of the API will be released in the coming weeks. Questions should be directed to