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Implementation Guidelines

NAACCR 2013 Implementation Guidelines and Recommendations

Data changes to be implemented in 2013, including new country codes (rather than storing them in state code fields) and provisions for recording ICD-10-CM Secondary Diagnoses

NAACCR 2010 Implementation Guidelines and Recommendations

New and converted data items introduced in 2010, change in date transmission format and new date flags, Collaborative Stage version 2, expanded Class of Case

NAACCR 2007 Implementation Guidelines and Recommendations

Implementation of the new Multiple Primary and Histology rules, National Provider Identifiers

NAACCR 2006 Implementation Guidelines and Recommendations

New data items Systemic/Surgery Sequence, Comorbidities and Complications #7–10, and ICD Revision Comorbidities and Complications and conversion of Primary Payer at Diagnosis

NAACCR 2004 Implementation Guidelines: Collaborative Staging and Benign/Borderline Intracranial and CNS Tumors

Collaborative Staging data collection and required reporting of benign and borderline intracranial and CNS tumors were both implemented in 2004.

NAACCR 2003 Implementation Work Group: Guidelines and Recommendations

Transition from ROADS to FORDS

NAACCR Guidelines for ICD-O-3 Implementation

ICD-O-3 coding for site and morphology was adopted in 2001.

NAACCR Guidelines for Implementation of SEER Summary Stage 2000

SEER Summary Stage 2000 was applicable beginning in 2001, and was replaced by Collaborative Staging in 2004.