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NCDB Survival Reports

The National Cancer Database (NCDB) Survival Reports are provided to allow Commission on Cancer (CoC)-accredited cancer programs access to unadjusted American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) stage-stratified, five-year observed survival rates for all cancer sites. This reporting tool enables users to generate program-specific survival reports filtered by primary site of the cancer and diagnosis period. Computed results are available for cases diagnosed between 1994–1997 (AJCC 4th ed.), 1998–2002 (AJCC 5th ed.), 2003–2009 (AJCC 6th ed.), and 2010–2011 (AJCC 7th ed.). Additional selection criteria include cancer sequence and reference date. Displays show overall and AJCC stage-stratified rates, including 95-percent confidence intervals. Users may also stratify by stage and sex, age group, or comorbidity score. To facilitate local use, users may download reports to their computers in any one of the following file formats: Adobe Acrobat, PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Chart, and Word.

Survival Report User Guide

Survival is a key factor for any cancer patient and the cancer programs that treat them. Increasingly, national groups are asking for the reporting of long-term survival information. While survival rates are intuitively a key factor in anticipating the consequences of a cancer diagnosis and treatment, they may or may not be a clear reflection of the quality of care provided by a physician or cancer program. Many factors beyond treatment affect overall survival of a patient, including the biology of the cancer itself and the overall health or comorbidity of the patient diagnosed with cancer.

The Commission on Cancer policy does NOT permit public reporting of survival for a given facility, as well for all other cases reported to the NCDB from CoC-accredited cancer programs, even if the 95 percent confidence intervals are included in the presentation.  Users who log into the new survival tools application will be asked to agree to not publicly report their survival rates before they are allowed to generate a survival report.  

CoC Survival policy

The NCDB Survival Reports require a log-in, and can be accessed through CoC Datalinks.

Your Survival Report can be used by the Cancer Program Liaison to meet Commission on Cancer Standard 4.3.