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Cancer Program Practice Profile Reports (CP3R)

The Web-based Cancer Program Practice Profile Reports (CP3R) offer local providers comparative information to assess adherence to and consideration of standard of care therapies for major cancers. This reporting tool provides a platform from which to promote continuous practice improvement to improve quality of patient care at the local level and also permits hospitals to compare their care for these patients relative to that of other providers. The aim is to empower clinicians, administrators, and other staff to work cooperatively and collaboratively to identify problems in practice and delivery and to implement best practices that will diminish disparities in care across Commission on Cancer (CoC)-accredited cancer programs.

CP3R currently reports 23 quality measures covering 10 primary sites.

CP3R Overview

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CP3R Measure Specifications

CoC Standards 4.4 and 4.5 Implementation

Cancer Program Standards 2012: Ensuring Patient Centered Care introduced two standards that require CoC-accredited cancer programs to achieve specified levels of performance for defined measures of care. This document identifies those measures of care and the expected performance rates for those measures and how compliance with these standards will be assessed.

Information on expected compliance rates are found in the Quality Measures Development document.

The CP3R require a login, and can be accessed through the CoC’s Datalinks portal.