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NCDB GenEDITS Plus 2018 Editing Software

The editing software linked from this page applies to all data submitted to the National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) or the Rapid Quality Reporting System (RQRS) during calendar year 2018. Please note that submissions will only be accepted in NAACCR version 16.0.

IMPORTANT: NCDB no longer supports the use of the generic GenEDITS Plus software from the CDC website. NCDB will provide support for the use of the pre-configured NCDB GenEDITS Plus 2018 software installation file which includes all required edits metafiles and configuration files built into the installation (no .ini or .rmf files to copy over). Once installed, the software is pre-configured to run your NCDB submission file, just Browse to your data file and click Run EDITS!

If you need individual metafiles and configuration files, please go to the Registry Software Providers page, or ask your cancer registry software vendor for assistance.

Installing and Using NCDB GenEDITS Plus Software

See the instructions on downloading, installing, and using NCDB GenEDITS Plus Software.

All data submissions should be pre-edited using the NCDB GenEDITS Plus 2018 software (NAACCR v16 only). This version of the software includes edits based on v16E logic. The last step of data file preparation prior to submission to NCDB should be to run NCDB GenEDITS Plus on the actual data file to be submitted.  

NCDB GenEDITS Plus 2018 (NAACCR v16 only)

Click the link below to download and run the installation process for NCDB GenEDITS Plus 2018:

NCDB GenEDITS Plus 2018 Software Download Installation

For facilities that cannot download an .exe file, click the link below to the zipped installation file:

NCDB GenEDITS Plus 2018 Software Download Zipped