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Become an NAPRC Surveyor

Before applying to be an NAPRC surveyor, please review the Minimum Qualifications Checklist to ensure you meet all requirements. A link to the surveyor application is located at the bottom of this page. Please return the completed application with a copy of a current CV to

Minimum Qualifications Checklist

Credentials and Affiliations

NAPRC Physician Surveyors must be:

  1. An actively practicing (treating, teaching, or administrative role) physician who specializes in rectal cancer care.
  2. Employed or affiliated with a Commission on Cancer (CoC)-accredited cancer program (currently accredited at time of application).
  3. A current and active member of an NAPRC-accredited program [phase-in while NAPRC is in development].

Skills and Knowledge

NAPRC Physician Surveyors must have:

  1. Extensive and demonstrable knowledge of the current NAPRC Standards [phase-in while NAPRC is in development].
  2. Previous experience teaching or presenting instructional/educational information to a learner-based audience.
  3. Substantial computer skills and access and familiarity with Microsoft Office software products.
  4. Willingness and ability to learn and use all CoC computer programs and databases.
  5. Excellent oral and written communication skills with the ability to convey knowledge and suggestions clearly and professionally. Public speaking experience is required.


NAPRC Physician Surveyors must:

  1. Commit to the required amount of time needed to perform Surveyor duties and abide to the signed “Surveyor Agreement” form requirements:
    [Duties are stratified based on current job status; phase-in while NAPRC is in development]

    1. Physicians with clinical load status/time ≥ 50%: Perform a minimum of 8 (no maximum) NAPRC surveys per calendar year as stated in the “Surveyor Agreement.”
    2. Physicians with clinical load status/time < 50%: Perform a minimum of 12 (no maximum) NAPRC surveys per calendar year as stated in the “Surveyor Agreement.”
    3. Physicians who are also surveyors simultaneously for the CoC: Perform a minimum of 12 total surveys between the two programs (i.e. 6 NAPRC and 6 CoC, or 4 NAPRC and 8 CoC) (no maximum) per calendar year as stated in the “Surveyor Agreement.”

    Average time (can vary) commitment:
    Time for each on-site survey is 6-8 hours plus 2-4 hours for preparation and final review for each Survey Application Record. The minimum number of surveys required may be lower during the implementation of the NAPRC.

  2. Be willing and able to travel to cancer programs across the United States and Puerto Rico (you will be assigned to surveys outside your home state).

  3. Attend any mandatory New Surveyor Orientations. Attend the Annual Surveyor Training each year. Participate in live and/or webcast trainings as requested.

  4. Remain knowledgeable and up-to-date with changes in CoC/NAPRC policies and NAPRC Standards.

  5. Be responsive and timely in communications with CoC/NAPRC Staff and assigned rectal cancer programs.

  6. Complete and submit all required survey information and documentation to the CoC within seven (7) calendar days after the on-site survey date.

  7. Complete all federal accounting forms, such as 1099; disclosure signed annually.

  8. Complete and abide to American College of Surgeons Business Agreement, Confidentiality Agreement, and Conflict of Interest Policy.

  9. Comply with HIPAA regulations and participate in annual HIPAA training. Required to keep all cancer program information, CoC passwords, and access codes confidential.

  10. Arrange all travel. An honorarium is provided for each survey, however, surveyors are responsible for personally arranging own travel means to all surveys, as well as keeping track of expenses and accounting records.

Download the NAPRC Surveyor Application