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Preparing for the Site Visit

Once a program has submitted an application and complied with the NAPRC standards for 12 months, it can request an initial site visit through the NAPRC Survey Application Record (SAR) in CoC Datalinks. Site visits are typically scheduled 3-6 months from the date of the request, but are scheduled subject to surveyor availability.

Please review the NAPRC Draft Agenda to learn more about what to expect on the day of the site visit.

Thirty days before the scheduled site visit, the program must upload all required documentation and an accession list to the NAPRC SAR. The accession list allows the surveyor to identify the 20 patient medical records that will be reviewed during the site visit. Information required for the accession list is detailed in the NAPRC section of CoC Datalinks. Please note: no Protected Health Information (PHI) can be uploaded in the SAR.

Approximately two weeks before the site visit, the surveyor will notify the program of the medical records that will be reviewed on-site. It is strongly recommended that programs perform an internal audit of the selected medical records before the site visit. We recommend using this Internal Audit Template, which was originally created by the Cleveland Clinic Rectal Cancer Program (Ohio) when preparing for its initial site visit.