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CSSP Governance

CSSP Chair: Matthew H.G. Katz, MD, FACS
CSSP Vice Chair: Kelly K. Hunt, MD, FACS

The mission and objectives of the Cancer Surgery Standards Program (CSSP) are carried out through its committee structure comprised of the Content Development, Education, and Integration & Implementation Committees.

Content Development Committee

Chair: Tina Hieken, MD, FACS
Vice-Chair: William Burns, MD, FACS
Staff Liaisons: Amanda Francescatti, Linda Zheng


  • Collaborate with the ACS Cancer Research Program Cancer Care Standards Development Committee to develop standards for the technical conduct of oncologic surgery.
  • Create content for point-of-care electronic documentation tools, including electronic synoptic operative reports.
  • Harmonize with other ACS Cancer Programs for content related to point-of-care electronic documentation tools.
  • Develop surgical protocols to provide guidance on collection of essential data elements for cancer surgery.
  • Develop crosswalks for disease-specific and procedural coding (ICD-10, CPT), database coding (NCDB), and staging (AJCC).
  • Provide recommendations to NCDB on surgical data items and quality measures.
  • Engage with member organizations to ensure diverse representation and broad-based input.
  • Collaborate on development of surgical clinical trials where areas of controversy exist in surgical care.
  • Create disease-site subcommittees and others as appropriate.

Education Committee

Chair: Mediget Teshome, MD, FACS
Vice-Chair: Timothy Vreeland, MD, FACS
Staff Liaisons: Amanda Francescatti, Linda Zheng


  • Host workshops and webinars related to cancer surgery standards for surgeons and staff at accredited centers.
  • Develop content related to cancer surgery standards for presentation at national meetings.
  • Develop educational videos for accreditation programs on compliance with the surgical standards. 
  • Develop educational videos highlighting technical standards for cancer surgery.
  • Develop educational initiatives within the context of surgical training programs.
  • Measure impact of educational initiatives.

Implementation and Integration Committee

Chair: Arden Morris, MD, FACS
Vice-Chair: Kristan Staudenmayer, MD, FACS
Staff Liaisons: Amanda Francescatti, Linda Zheng


  • Disseminate synoptic operative reporting electronic tools through a variety of channels (ACS website, phone application, API).
  • Collaborate with other ACS Cancer Programs to integrate standards into accreditation programs.
  • Disseminate synoptic operative reporting information to Cancer Programs and ACS Fellows through multidisciplinary tumor boards, Cancer Liaison Physicians, ACS e-learning site, State Chairs and other stakeholders.
  • Develop processes for measurement and assessment of operative standards.
  • Seek funding opportunities to develop research strategies to validate surgical standards and measure the impact of integration into ACS Cancer Programs.
  • Define and implement information technology solutions to improve surgical care.

For more information on the CSSP committees or to inquire about participation, please email