American College Of Surgeons - Inspiring Quality: Highest Standards, Better Outcomes

Chapter 4: Patient Outcomes

About the Standards in Chapter 4

Standard 4.1 requires cancer programs to provide the community with at least one cancer prevention program each year. The program must be targeted to a need identified in the community with the purpose to decrease the incidence of a specific cancer.

Standard 4.2 requires a cancer program to present at least one cancer screening program aimed at reducing the number of patients with late-stage disease.

Standard 4.4 requires CoC-accredited cancer programs to achieve and maintain performance levels for specified accountability measures. Clinical trials data is used to validate an accountability measure as a standard of care.

Standard 4.5 requires the cancer program to review the quality of patient care related to a CoC Quality Improvement Measure, and use the CoC Quality Reporting Tools to develop the required studies.

Standard 4.6 requires an annual study conducted by a physician member of cancer committee, which determines if patients have been evaluated and treated in compliance with evidence-based national guidelines.

Studies of Quality are addressed in Standard 4.7. Each year the quality improvement coordinator, directed by cancer committee, completes the number of studies by category that measures the quality of care and outcomes for cancer patients.

Standard 4.8 requires programs to implement two patient care improvements each year.