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CoC/NAPBC Collaboration Survey

Valued CoC- and NAPBC-accredited centers,

After a reviewing the feedback from our accredited centers, effective January 1, 2019, the Commission on Cancer (CoC) and National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) will no longer be offering Collaboration Site Visits. 

Thank you to our programs that have used this scheduling process in the past. We look forward implementing an improved site visit scheduling option in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at or

2018 CoC/NAPBC Collaboration Survey Process

CoC-accredited programs that are also accredited by the NAPBC may be eligible to request a CoC/NAPBC Collaboration Survey.

A facility seeking accreditation for both CoC and NAPBC during the same calendar year can request that these surveys be scheduled on two consecutive days for collaborative and convenience purposes (based on individuals being members of both committees or overseeing both programs). The CoC/NAPBC Collaboration Survey is conducted by a surveyor who is specifically trained by both the CoC and the NAPBC. With a limited number of CoC/NAPBC-trained surveyors, not all requests may be accepted.

Note. It is important that all programs have an active discussion with leadership from both the cancer committee (CoC) and breast center (NAPBC) before requesting a collaboration survey. This request will impact both programs when planning for their accreditation surveys due to the fact that this may or may not move their collaboration survey due month. The facility’s CoC and NAPBC surveys must be due during the same year in order to be considered for a collaboration survey. There is no accreditation fee discount for scheduling a collaboration survey.

Steps to Requesting a CoC/NAPBC Collaboration Survey

The Cancer Program Administrator and/or Breast Program Leader can submit a formal request via e-mail to the CoC for a CoC/NAPBC Collaboration Survey. This e-mail request must confirm that both programs are aware of the request for a collaboration survey.

By the end of August of each calendar year, the CoC and NAPBC will notify facilities about their upcoming accreditation survey. That notification will have information on how to request a CoC/NAPBC Collaboration Survey via e-mail to the Accreditation Team at All requests must be made by the end of September of the year prior to your survey due year.

CoC and NAPBC Survey Due Year

Request Timelines


June 1–September 30, 2017


Note. CoC/NAPBC Collaboration Surveys are not eligible to programs undergoing their first NAPBC or CoC survey, nor CoC programs that fall under the following categories: Integrated Network Cancer Program, Veterans Affairs Cancer Programs, and Pediatrics.