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Eligibility Checklist for CoC Accreditation

To participate in the CoC Accreditation Program, each facility ensures that patients have access to a full scope of diagnostic, treatment, and supportive services either on site at the facility or by referral to another location including community-based resources.

To be considered for initial accreditation, the cancer committee does the following:

Ensures that the clinical services, cancer committee, cancer conferences, and quality management program have been in place at the facility for one (1) year.

Establishes a reference date and ensures the cancer registry database includes complete data and follow-up activity.

Meets eligibility criteria outlined below, which define structure and services necessary for every CoC-accredited program. These include:


Facility accreditation (ER1)

Cancer committee authority (ER2)

Cancer conference policy (ER3)

Oncology nurse leadership (ER4)

Cancer registry (ER5)


These services can be provided either on site or by referral to hospitals, freestanding facilities, physician offices, or local community agencies external to the CoC-accredited cancer program.

Diagnostic imaging (ER6)

Radiation oncology services (ER7)

Systemic therapy services (ER8)

Clinical trial information (ER9)

Psychosocial support services (ER10)

Rehabilitation services (ER11)

Nutritional services (ER12)

To find additional information on these key elements as well as the eligibility requirements required by all CoC-accredited programs, refer to the most current Cancer Program Standards: Ensuring Patient-Centered Care (2016 Edition) beginning on page 15.

Next Steps

Complete online application.

Submit application fee.

Sign the American College of Surgeons Business Associate and Data Use Agreement in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Complete the online Eligibility Requirements (ER) and Program Activity Record (PAR) in preparation for the initial survey.

Ensure that requirements for all standards outlined in Standards Manual have been met.

Submit a request for survey to CoC staff.

Please note: Submission of data to the National Cancer Database (NCDB) for all analytic cases from the reference year forward will take place after the initial survey, during the next scheduled Call for Data.

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