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2017 Cancer Programs Conference: Creating a Culture of Quality

Friday, September 8

General Session: Welcome and Conference Overview

General Session: Creating a Learning Culture Within Your Program/Leadership Competencies and Team Building
Co-presenter/Moderator: Hisakazu Hoshi, MD, FACS
Ted James, MD, FACS

General Session: AJCC Panel Discussion: The Role of Staging in Cancer Management

General Session: Evolution of Clinical Trials

General Session: Introduction to Personalized Care
Moderator: David P. Winchester, MD, FACS
Carolyn Compton, MD, PhD, FCAP

Breakout Sessions

General Session: Demonstrating the Value of Survivorship Care Plans
Moderator: Hisakazu Hoshi, MD, FACS

Hisakazu Hoshi, MD, FACS

Saturday, September 9

Colette Salm-Schmid, MD, FACS

General Session: Big Data Revolution
Moderator: David P. Winchester, MD, FACS

Best Practices Breakout Sessions

General Session: Using Your Data Resources to Ensure Quality
Matthew Facktor, MD, FACS

General Session:  Review and Impact of the NCDB PUF
Sandra Wong, MD, MS, FACS
Co-presenter: Ravinder Kang, MD, MS

Final Remarks
Hisakazu Hoshi, MD, FACS