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Cancer Liaison Physician Webinars

Cancer Liaison Physician Orientation

The Cancer Liaison Physician (CLP) Orientation Video is an overview of how to get started in the CLP role and how to access resources for data and contacts. The CLP Orientation video is the only educational requirement for newly appointed and reappointed CLPs. Continuing medical education is no longer offered and there is no posttest or evaluation required. Participation is self-reported on the CLP Activity Report.

Massachusetts CLP Update

An update to CLPs from the State Chair and Committee on Cancer Liaison Vice Chair, Dr. Hopewood on the successes and initiatives going on in the state of Massachusetts.

The Emperor of All Maladies Trailer

Public Broadcasting Stations (PBS) will be televising Ken Burns' "Emperor of the Maladies" March 30. This book and televised production is about Cancer and Treatment advances—very inspirational! To whet your appetites, here is the PBS trailer.

Watch the trailer