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We have orientation materials for newly appointed Cancer Liaison Physicians (CLPs) in our Cancer Liaison Physician Toolkit.


We have created a webinar that provides an overview of the Cancer Liaison Program. Our Orientation Video will show you how to get started in your new role and how to access resources. In addition, we also provide updates on the CLP program and videos of interest to you.

Process for Appointing or Reappointing Your CLP

If you are an accredited program, check out our process a new appointment or reappointment of your Cancer Liaison Physician (CLP). We have outlined the necessary steps to successfully appoint or reappoint your CLP.

Data Reporting

Use National Cancer Data Base tools (Benchmarking, CP3R, Survival Reports, etc.) to improve cancer quality care.

American Cancer Society

Develop a relationship with the American Cancer Society to collaborate on meeting Commission on Cancer standards, have access to many different resources and improvement of cancer care at the community level.