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CLP Appointments and Reappointments

Process Information

If you are an accredited program, please follow the steps below for a new appointment or reappointment of your Cancer Liaison Physician (CLP).

New Appointment Process

  1. Log into CoCDatalinks.
  2. Go under Manage Staff Contact.
  3. Under the Pending Contacts section select Add Contact.
  4. Enter the CLP name and contact information in this window.
  5. Click the Save button. The new information will be sent directly to the Cancer Liaison Program for processing. An appointment letter will be sent to the CLP and a notification will be sent to the cancer program staff via e-mail.

Remove Former CLP

  1. Log into CoCDatalinks.
  2. Go under Manage Staff Contact.
  3. Click on the former CLP’s name to expand his or her record.
  4. Click the Remove button. A box will open asking if you want to remove this contact. Select OK.

Reappointment Process

Send an e-mail to, with your CLP’s name and e-mail address, which states that your program would like to reappoint the CLP to an additional term. An e-mail will be sent to the CLP and program staff confirming the reappointment.

If you are from an unaccredited facility, please complete a CLP application and e-mail the completed application to or fax it to Carolyn Jones at 312-202-5009. You may request an electronic copy from

If you have any difficulty with this process, please e-mail


An appointment/reappointment confirmation will be e-mailed to the facility’s cancer committee within 7–10 days of receipt of your appointment/reappointment request. 

Note: If your accredited facility does not have a CLP in place, you are in jeopardy of being in noncompliance with Commission on Cancer (CoC) accreditation Standards 1.3 and 4.3. It is important that an appointment is made as soon as possible and that an individual is designated as the CLP in CoC Datalinks. If a CLP is not appointed for your facility and recorded in CoC Datalinks, the CoC recommends that the Cancer Committee Chair be listed as the interim CLP until an official appointment is made. 

If you are not an accredited program, please submit an application for your Cancer Liaison Physician appointment via fax at 312-202-5009 or e-mail your application to

Data Reporting

Use National Cancer Database tools (Benchmarking, CP3R, Survival Reports, etc.) to improve cancer quality care.

American Cancer Society

Develop a relationship with the American Cancer Society to collaborate on meeting Commission on Cancer standards, have access to many different resources and improvement of cancer care at the community level.