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Call for Nominations for AJCC Editorial Committee Chair and Vice Chair

The AJCC Executive Committee has opened a search for a Chair and a Vice Chair of the AJCC Editorial Committee. All eligible and interested candidates are asked to submit a copy of their Curriculum Vitae and a Letter of Intent to with the subject line “Editorial Committee Chair & Vice Chair” by October 3, 2019. Candidates should specify their interest (1. Interested in Chair position ONLY 2. Interested in Vice Chair position, ONLY 3. Interested in either Chair or Vice Chair position). The finalists shall provide a vision statement prior to the interviews.

Selection Criteria for Chair and Vice Chair

  • Medical Degree
  • Significant editorial, authoring and publishing experience
  • Evidence of having led large projects with adherence to timelines; specific experience related to publication of large projects preferred.
  • Demonstration of strong communication skills
  • Deep knowledge of the mission and work of the AJCC (i.e. some prior experience within AJCC as AJCC member representative or membership or leadership of Editorial Board, one or more Committees or Expert Panels is preferred)  
  • Availability Commitment
    • Weekly Calls with AJCC Project Manager
    • Monthly Editorial Committee Web Conference
    • Monthly Executive Committee Web Conference
    • Ad hoc calls with Expert Panel, Evidence-based Medicine and Statistics Core, and Precision Medicine Core leadership
    • July and January Calls for Go/No Go decisions
    • Average 10 hours total commitment per month for each position
  • It is preferable that the Chair and Vice Chair have different specialties

Selection Process

  • The AJCC Executive Committee, under the direction of the AJCC Chair and Vice Chair, will participate in the review of the applicant candidates, interviews of finalists, and the final selection process.
  • An Interview Panel, composed of AJCC Chair, Vice Chair, and 3 other members of the Executive Committee (for a total of 5) will be convened to conduct finalist interviews.
  • Final recommendations will be presented on the November 8, 2019 Executive Committee call for approval.


  • Nominations submitted by October 3, 2019.
  • Executive Committee identifies and contacts Finalists by October 11, 2019.
  • Finalist Interviews (Late October; final dates and location TBD).
  • Recommendations presented to Executive Committee for approval November 8, 2019.
  • Announcement of Chair and Vice Chair November 15, 2019.
  • Chair and Vice Chair join Executive Committee Call December 13, 2019.
  • Chair and Vice Chair empanel and convene Editorial Committee January 2020.

About the AJCC Editorial Committee


The Editorial Committee is comprised of representatives from the leadership of the AJCC, surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, radiology, pathology, UICC, American Cancer Society and the leaders of each Core described on the following pages. The Editorial Committee is supported by the AJCC staff responsible for supporting development of AJCC Cancer Staging System.

8th Edition Editorial Committee Composition

Surgical Oncologist

Surgical Oncologist

Medical Oncologist

Radiation Oncologist



UICC Representative

American Cancer Society Representative

Chair of Editorial Committee

Vice Chair of Editorial Committee

Leader, Evidence Based Medicine and Statistics Core

Leader, Precision Medicine Core

Chair of Implementation Committee

Vice Chair of Implementation Committee

Primary Responsibilities

The Editorial Committee is responsible for managing activities associated with the development and publication of the AJCC Cancer Staging System under the direction of the Executive Committee, to include (but not limited to):

  • Oversee the Evidence by participating in leadership selection and monitoring Evidence Based Medicine Core and Precision Medicine Core, and Expert Panels.
  • Participate in the Leadership selection and oversee leadership of expert panels/cores.
  • Oversee methodologies, both in development and adherence to, expert panels and core.
  • Monitor overall adherence to timelines of expert panels and core activities.
  • Monitor progress in quality of content for literature assessment, evidence review, and content authoring.
  • Attend calls and meetings to achieve project goals and adherence to plan.
  • Uphold the conflict of interest policy of the AJCC to resolve potential conflicts, including copyright violations, republishing, plagiarizing (including self-plagiarizing), falsification of data or results, misattribution of authors, or misattribution of citations.
  • Serve a minimum two-year term, and able to renew.

AJCC Editorial Committee Leadership


The Chair of the AJCC Editorial Committee is responsible for guiding the development of content for the AJCC Cancer Staging System, including rolling updates and derivative products. The Chair is responsible for overall content development, ensuring that production timelines are met, and that all contributors understand their role in the development of such content. The responsibilities of the Chair will be achieved in collaboration with Editorial Committee Vice Chair, AJCC Staff, AJCC Executive Committee, and other AJCC committees and other key stakeholders.

Chair Primary Responsibilities

  • Take full responsibility for oversight and guidance of the content development process.
  • Build and maintain relationships with international collaborators, specialty organizations, expert panel authors, reviewers and the oncology community to maintain the rolling updates to the AJCC Cancer Staging System
  • Guide the selection of, and provide direction for, the editorial committee, and consultant editors as needed to balance an accurate yet timely peer review.
  • Ensure that AJCC Cancer Staging System content reflects important contributions to knowledge in oncology and are of high quality, valid, evidence-based and relevant to the scope and mission of the AJCC.
  • Convene an annual in-person meeting of the Editorial Committee and quarterly conference calls.
  • In collaboration with AJCC Staff, AJCC Executive Committee and other AJCC committees:
    • Determine AJCC Cancer Staging System content/product goals and deliverables.
    • In conjunction with the Executive Committee, and Implementation Committee, determine timelines for periodic updates based on accepted changes to the staging system.
    • Provide a semi-annual report to the AJCC Executive Committee that summarizes activities.
    • Attend and provide an overview of editorial activities at the AJCC Annual Meeting.
  • Will work with support of AJCC Project Manager to ensure process and timelines are followed.

Vice-Chair Primary Responsibilities

  • Supports the work of the Editorial Committee Chair and during key absences of the Chair, serve as the acting Chair of the Editorial Committee
  • Can be designated specific tasks from the Chair
  • Oversee and manages Evidence Based Medicine Core
  • Will work with support of AJCC Project Manager to ensure process and timelines are followed.