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Survey Extension Request Policy

Because of extenuating circumstances, you can request a survey extension. Extenuating circumstances that warrant a survey extension are:

  • Natural disasters (for example, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood)
  • Other disasters (for example, fire)

Survey extension requests will be granted in these instances. The extension is three months. A longer extension may be granted and will be evaluated based on individual circumstances.

Examples of circumstances that do not warrant a survey extension are:

  • Software conversion
  • Staff absence or resignation
  • Delayed abstracting
  • Standard deficiencies

Similar requests to those mentioned above will not be accommodated.

The Cancer Committee Chair or Cancer Program Administrator of the facility must submit a formal request for extension via e-mail to by the deadline specified in the initial survey notification. Please include “Survey Extension” in the subject line and be sure to include the facility name and FIN in your e-mail.

The request must include specific details of the rationale for the extension request, proposed plan for completion, and the timeline to resolve the issue that necessitates the extension request. Facilities will be notified of the extension request decision within 14 calendar days of receiving the written request.

Note: Programs are discouraged from canceling or postponing a survey that has already been scheduled with a confirmed survey date. However, if a cancellation or postponement becomes necessary after the survey is confirmed, the Cancer Committee Chair or Cancer Program Administrator must submit a written notification request via e-mail to The facility will be assessed a cancellation fee.