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Initial 2015 Survey Notification

This is a copy of the official notifications from the Commission on Cancer (CoC) to cancer programs due for survey in 2015. This survey will include cancer program activity for years 2012-2014 and be assessed by the "Cancer Program Standards 2012: Ensuring Patient-Centered Care (Version 1.2.1)".

The Survey Application Record (SAR) is used to record cancer program activity and documentation that demonstrates compliance with the CoC Standards and Eligibility Requirements (ER). The ER section of the SAR must be completed with 2014 revisions by September 30, 2014. Many of the ERs include information about resources at your facility that will be displayed on the "CoC Hospital Locator".

The ER process for the 2014 Annual Update includes:

  1. Review and update the resources and services provided at the facility. 
  2. Upload policies and procedures that have been revised during the last 12 months. Delete previous versions of the policies and procedures or other documentation before uploading the revised version.
  3. Record the most recent date the cancer committee reviewed the revised policies and procedures. Delete the previously recorded cancer committee review date before adding a new date.

*NOTE: If no changes have been made to the information recorded and attachments previously uploaded to the Eligibility Requirements section, then no further action is required.

Be sure to add new members or update all cancer program staff contact information within the "Facility Contact Information" on the CoC Datalinks Main Activity Menu. To ensure that important marketing resources are accessible, a ‘Marketing/Public Relations’ contact should be also listed.

2015 Survey Fees: The survey fee is $7,500 for individual cancer programs. For Integrated Network Cancer Programs, the fee is $7,500 + $3,750 for each facility within the network program. A survey fee invoice will be emailed to the Cancer Program Administrator and/or Hospital Registrar (as indicated by the program in “Facility Contacts” in CoC Datalinks) at least 30 days prior to the survey due month (not the confirmed survey date).

Survey Extensions: Survey extensions are discouraged but if this becomes necessary, programs should review the "Survey Extension Policy" on the CoC website and/or Standards manual. The Cancer Committee Chair or Cancer Program Administrator must submit a formal request for extension via e-mail to no later than September 1, 2014.

Surveyor(s) Assignments: A separate communication will be sent out to cancer programs by November 1, 2014 with notification of their assigned CoC surveyor and additional survey information.

Numerous tools and resources are available to assist programs in preparing for survey are located on the CoC website – includes links to the ‘CoC Source’, Best Practice Repository and Educational Portal.


*Please include your facility name and Facility Identification Number (FIN) in ALL emails.

We appreciate your cancer program’s commitment to high quality cancer care and participation in the CoC Accreditation Program!

Thank you,

Commission on Cancer, Accreditation and Standards